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Who the hell am I?


My name is Nathan Tyree. I host a wacky little podcast called Bloodfest the Podcast. We talk about horror and exploitation movies. Sometimes we have guests. Some of those guests are podcasters. Some of them are famous people in the world of horror. We have interviewed Larry Fessenden (Habit, Blackout, Jakob’s Wife, The Last Winter). Sarah Lind (A Wounded Fawn, The Humanity Bureau), Harley Wallen (Ash and Bone, Abstruse), Chad Crawford Kinkle (Jug Face). Coming soon we will have Lauren Ashley Carter (POD, Jug Face, The Woman), Sean Whalen (Beneath Us All, The People Under the Stairs, Twister) and many more.

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What do I want?


I have been a fan of Lloyd Kaufman since I first saw The Toxic Avenger when I was probably too young to watch Toxie. Troma films have been a passion of mine as far back as I can remember. All I really want from life, if for Lloyd Kaufman to hop on a google meet call with my podcasting goons and me for 30 minutes to an hour to talk about his life and work. Then I can die happy.


What Can you do?


Do you know Lloyd Kaufman? Do you know someone who knows Lloyd Kaufman? Do you know someone who knows someone who knows Lloyd Kaufman’s barber? Well then it is easy. Ask your friend Lloydt o email us at: bloodfestpodcast@gmail.com or to tweet at us, @bloodfestpod. Maybe you can do your part to make history!


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